A.I. Tasks

Management & consulting analytics

Strategic decision making for private or public affairs in any field of focus can be perfectly supported by A.I.

Business decision making usually is based on a motivation (reason/event) to act leading into four main tasks & dependencies, to prepare the information on which decisions are made.

The four main tasks split further into eight keytasks:

Risk Management                
Public Opinion                      
Strategy & Trends                

Data & Information
Relevant | Irrelevant
Influencer, Stakeholder
Chances & Challenges
Royal Road
Decision Making

Competitive advantage

Cost savings with higher throughput, better data quality and less risk!

- Faster and more complete data collection
- More accurate and faster analysis
- Automatic monitoring
- Knowledge multiplication
- Knowledge Preservation
- More projects with fewer experts at higher quality
- More accurate risk analysis
- Better forecasting and trend management

Using the semantic fingerprint, the intelligent BrainDocsA.I. agents copy the knowledge of the expert and automate the manual process, multiplying the expert with all their knowledge and making the expert more efficient and effective.