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BII-Institute is supporting the Idea of artificial intelligence taking the next step towards human-like intelligence. BII stands for "biologically inspired intelligence" and BII-Institute is supporting and organizing research & development teams in this field.

The BrainDocs™ Fingerprint stores the message, i.e. the content, concept and ideas from a text file, as a semantic fingerprint. This creates a clear definition of the message. It is compared with other texts by BrainDocs™with artificial intelligence. Hundreds of millions of pieces of information can be compared extremely quickly.

This are the search and comparison programs which carry the fingerprints and carry out the similarity comparisons. Hundreds of BrainDogs™ with different fingerprints can be sent simultaneously on the search. The analysis runs in the background and can be repeated automatically.

Answers to questions which have not yet been asked

Knowing what to ask can make the difference. Whether it's for defining a strategy, deciding on a next action or whether a product or service should be discontinued and replaced by another.

Everything revolves around relevance and making decisions.

AI must be able to dynamically change its settings in much wider range and be able to learn instantly multilayer higher-order concepts and generalize those in order to behave “Human-Like”.

There will be a new generation and quality of AI, one that we refer to as: Biologically Inspired Intelligence. Imagining that BII will reach the expected quality and intelligence level so BII will fit on “Eye-Level” to humans as a truly personal assistant. At this point a BII AI will become my older and experienced twin, one that will help me make better decisions or protect me from evil AI.

Just because we cannot imagine a certain applications or inventions for the future, does not mean, that it will not happen! Picture by NASA

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