BrainDogs™ answers questions you did not ask yet!

Find Documents Corresponding to a Concept or Idea, by training your dog to find documents that match your concepts or ideas, by providing a short abstract or text. We help you train your dog by searching the internet for abstracts

The amount of information available is increasing incredibly fast, our ability to process all of it accurately cannot keep pace. It is often nearly impossible to quickly find the most relevant information in the sheer amount of irrelevant data noise there is. The time wasted by searching for the correct knowledge can become very expensive for employers.

With its core technology, using both static and dynamic fingerprint techniques to deliver a set of tools for the analyst working with free text or unstructured data to classify, organize, filter, search and explore in ways not possible with keyword search, natural language processing (NLP), Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or other statistical/mathematical tools. Furthermore, the extraction of concepts expressed in documents into a fingerprint graph enables experts with programs such as SPSS and Tableau to include unstructured data in their analytics and visualizations.

The BrainDogs™solves an old problem: How can you decide quickly and efficiently which information and documents are relevant?

With the latest update, we have automated the process of setting up the search terms for retrieving relevant information and content.

The new BrainDogs™, our intelligent analysis and search-dogs  first analyze your task and then provide you with effective answers, thus leading and supporting your company trough the digital transformation into A.I.

BrainDogs™ with different fingerprints can be sent simultaneously on the search. The analysis runs in the background and can be repeated automatically.

The BrainDogs™ application is unique because it can compare the content of entire texts, i.e. complete pages, sections or paragraphs, as well as blogs, news feeds or Twitter messages. The user can easily order whole topics or ideas by copying or typing. BrainDogs™ automatically finds and compares texts with similar content! Depending on the order, BrainDogs™ can perform a variety of additional functions for content analysis.

To make this possible, BrainDogs™ converts any text into a semantic fingerprint which can then be compared. Even with millions of files, the comparison only takes a few moments. Once BrainDogs™has access to the data or information, the analysis and comparison can take place.

Your new employee

BrainDogs™ takes on the role of a unique employee, whose performance is quick, consistent and concise. It helps any decision maker to recognize the relevant information immediately. The massive amount of information becomes easily manageable and the users are transported into the A.I. era, making use of state of the art technology and the knowledge provided by the people surrounding them.  

Decision Making

With A.I. implemented, it will support both, strategic and operative level of your business.

BrainDogs™ helps to separate between relevant and irrelevant information. BrainDocs™ can be operated by domain experts and application experts. No extra semantic or linguistic skills are need. Further, no A.I. specific knowledge is required to implement it.

Market Advantage

BrainDogs™ is the leading partner in supplying the users with the appropriate A.I. tools to solve information management problems. The respective tools automatically recognize the relevant concepts and meaning based on the context presented. The intelligent classification and validation of information is the basis for the best possible decisions.

Intrinsic Semantic

BrainDogs™ helps to separate between relevant and irrelevant information. Autonomic matching and comparison of ideas and concepts based on unsupervised learning. Ideas and concepts, whole descriptions or strategies, manuals and definitions, rules and procedures become a semiotic fingerprint profile.

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